Glass of Wine | The Most Convenient Way to Drink Wine
The most convenient way to drink wine. We offer wine conveniently sealed in a recyclable glass that is ready to drink.
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Delicious wine conveniently sealed in a 100% recyclable plastic wine glass.
The perfect companion for any event.

A Bit About Us

Tired of the drink options available at outdoor events and stadiums? Why limit yourself to beers and ciders?


Glass of Wine have launched a unique new range of single-serve wine that is convenient and perfect for any event. No spillage, wastage or breakage. Delicious wine on offer, with something for everyone.


Our wines are locally sourced from Cloof Winery, situated in Darling, Western Cape, South Africa. The wine is sealed in a 100% recyclable plastic glass using our state-of-the-art filling technique which is also based at Cloof Wines  The convenient, peel-off lid retains the freshness of the wine for more than 12 months, without refrigeration.


Did we mention we are proudly South African too?

Dry White

100% Sauvignon Blanc, Lovely guava and tropical fruit on the nose followed by a zesty and crisp dry, refreshing finish. 12.5% Alc/vol; 5.59g/l TA; 4.3g/l RS

Off-Dry Rose

A deliciously refreshing off-dry rose, packed with ripe strawberry and plummy flavours. 12.36% Alc/vol; 5.48 g/l TA; 4.8 g/l RS

Dry Red

A blend of Pinotage and Shiraz, with loads of red berries on the nose and pallet and soft tannins. 13.0% Alc/vol; 5.15 g/l TA; 5.8 g/l RS


Red Sangria

A delicious fruit flavoured red wine based cocktail with hints of cinnamon, cloves & citrus. 8.28% Alc/Vol; 64 g/l RS

Perfect for events, concerts, conferences

& not to mention picnics, braais, pool parties, camping, sports events & other outdoor events.
  • Single serving, perfect for event planners and caterers.
  • Easy and convenient to drink, with peel-off lid.
  • Easy to serve – eliminates pouring, wastage and spillage.
  • Easy to carry several glasses at a time due to sealed, peel-off lid.
  • Easy storage – no need to refrigerate.
  • One year shelf life.
  • Safe and unbreakable – recommended for outdoor venues.

Quality Wines

Our wines are sourced from the award winning Cloof Winery, situated in Darling, in the Western Cape. Our state of the art bottling machine is also  situated at Cloof Winery.

Long Shelf Life

We guarantee at least 12 – 18 months of shelf life, with the minimum preservatives added. It is not necessary to store the wine in a fridge.


Our glasses are made from reusable, fully recyclable P.E.T. plastic, which is safe, non-toxic and BPA free.

South African Agents

Head Office: Mark Tayler, 083-682 0655, Email:

Full Flavour

The PET plastic does not influence or change the flavour of the wines whatsoever.


This strong plastic is virtually unbreakable, making it perfect for concerts and other outdoor events.

Glass of Wine Technology

How do we do it?

Glass of Wine requires neither additives nor preservatives. Our technology guarantees the restitution of original characteristics of the wine upon opening.


During the transfer process, the wine is kept under inert gas between its initial container and the final packaging, free of air. This process ensures an amount of dissolved oxygen lower than 0.5mg/litre. This process guarantees a shelf life of more than 12 months.

  • Wine glass rims have been designed to be smooth on the mouth after peeling off the lid.
  • Durable, shatterproof, high quality PET plastic ensures long preservation of the wine.
  • Thanks to the P.E.T. material, the container is 100% recyclable and reusable, with a low carbon footprint.

Contact Us

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