Glass of Wine | Packaging
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We aim to be the go-to manufacturing partner to offer a unique solution for farms to serve their wine.


What Problem are We Solving?
  • We offer farms a very unique alternative to packaging and selling their wines.
  • This can offer an additional revenue stream or access to a new customer base.
  • We provide a solution to the end consumer. Now they can have just a glass with their meal or take drinks to an outdoor venue.
  • A far more convenient way for customers to consume wine.
  • Access to outdoor venues. Most venues currently do not offer wine as an option because it is served in a glass and they want to avoid breakage or weapons.
  • Another challenge faced is stock control. The venue may purchase bottles of wine (if glass is allowed) which leads to wastage afterwards.
  • We provide wine by the glass conveniently sealed and ready to drink.
    • No breakage
    • No wastage
    • No pouring
    • Better stock control


Why Use Us?
  • The only single serve 187ml glass available in South Africa.
  • Safe & unbreakable, fully recyclable PET plastic, non-toxic & BPA free.
  • State of the art filling machine, imported from the UK.
  • Access to our own mould.
  • We facilitate the moulding of glasses, filling glasses with your wine, as well as the labelling.
  • You receive the end product ready to distribute and sell.
  • We can also assist with selling your wines through our own platforms.